Top 10 Reasons to Take Up Archery

There have been a number of movies in recent years which have brought the sport of archery back into the mainstream. This is great of getting new people interested, there’s so much more to it!

Here are 10 reasons why we think absolutely everyone should give Archery a go:

#10 It’s a sport anyone can play

No matter what your age (yes even in your 80’s), level of physical fitness, or even disability; archery can be played by almost anyone willing to give it a go. Often sports are associated with athletic prowess, leaving people to shy away from sports all together. Naturally some arm, back and core fitness is required to pull on a bow string, but this can be comparable to normal every day activities (e.g. bringing in a bag of groceries from the car). Your bow will be tailored to your strength requirements and over time your strength will also build with ongoing practice.

#9 It’s an anytime sport

Archery can be practiced indoors, outdoors, day/ night or in rain, hail or shine. Archery is one of the few sports that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere! Bows are easily portable (although you may want to check international requirements if getting on a plane) which means that you can go camping or even travel the world and still enjoy your hobby.

#8 Easily accessible and cheap

In just about all areas there is an easily accessible archery range that provides beginner training, rental equipment, shooting areas and tournaments. Getting started is easy and relatively cheap to hire the necessary equipment. Even buying your first bow doesn’t need to be an expensive affair.

#7 Always new adaptations

You can never get bored of archery, just when you think you have mastered target archery, why not try 3D targets, moving targets, hunting, bowfishing, underwater (indeed it does exist), archery tag, archery golf, trick archery, or even mounted archery!

#6 Teaches you discipline and focus

Archery is not a sport of speed or strength, but skill. With the various forms of archery practiced under all types of climatic conditions, you have to practice, practice, and practice some more to hone your skills. Archery practice teaches you patience, focus, discipline and believe it or not, it’s also a great lesson in physics.

#5 Its great for children

Archery can be a safe sport for children under controlled environments. Empowering children with the knowledge of safe archery skills will typically result in a boost to self-confidence and overall happiness, especially in children who don’t typically fit into the athletic sports. It’s also a great way to find like minded friends and form forever friendships.

#4 Great source of food

Hunting is a great way to source your own food and can add a different dimension to your camping trips. Competitive and recreational hunting is becoming more popular and in certain circumstances considered to be an environment benefit. Hunting pests or invasive species for food can help to maintain local animal populations.

#3 Archery can be a social event

Your local archery club or hunting group can be a hive of social activity, not to mention tournaments and competitions that bring like-minded people together. Getting a group of people together for a game of archery tag or a target shoot can be great for team building and meeting new people.

#2 It can be therapeutic

Everyone needs their downtime. Some people have their yoga or meditation rituals, but many people find that archery provides great stress relief. The time taken to clear your mind, focus on the task at hand, and the patience required in hitting the target can provide significant clarity and take you mind off of the daily grind. Pulling off a great shot also releases a hit of feel-good endorphins to brighten your mood.

#1 It’s great fun

The main reason that people should give archery a go is that is just plain fun! Archery can be addictive, it’s fun yet challenging, and can take up as little or as much time as you want. The many different aspects of archery means you’ll never get bored as there’s always another challenge to conquer.


What’s your favorite thing about archery? Let us know in the comments below.