Martin Panther Takedown Recurve Bow Review

Martin Panther Takedown Recurve Bow Specifications

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The Martin Panther Takedown recurve bow is an amazing piece of equipment and is touted as one of the smoothest, fastest and quietest bows on the market.

Martin has installed its patented Vibration Vortex Vibration Escape Module (VEM), a shock absorbing technology which helps to decrease vibration and noise during firing. The Panther offers a smooth draw and a powerful shot suitable for target archery and hunting.

The Martin Panther is the big brother of the Martin Jaguar which doesn’t include the VEM technology, and is a step up from the Martin Saber in both looks and shock absorption.

Materials & Design

This 62” recurve bow is available in draw weights from 30-55 lbs and weighs only 2.7 lbs. The machined solid aluminum riser is drilled and tapped for mounting a sight and quiver and is beautifully engineered by Martin Archery to dampen vibration and noise.

The takedown limbs are made from Italian wood with a black fiberglass outer layer. The limbs allow for a smooth draw and the takedown design make it easy for transport and storage.

Some reviews on Amazon have highlighted some difficulty in attaching the limbs however we have had no such trouble. Keep the Allen key in your bow case and make sure to read the instructions at least once, and you’ll have no issues.
This is a quality bow with premium noise and vibration reduction technology, so don’t expect the whole thing to come apart with a single push of a button.

The accompanying string is an AMO 62” length, 14 strand made from #382 Dacron which is perfect for out of the box shooting. The limbs are reinforced however, should you wish to swap this out for a fast flight string.

Ready to Shoot Package

A great option worth considering is the Traditional Kit Package which is only a small extra cost and comes with a selection of useful accessories that give you everything you need right out of the box. For the beginner archer who just wants to get out there and start shooting, we highly recommend it.

The package comes with a finger tab, arm guard, bow stringer, carry case, and 3 carbon arrows matched to the bow specifications.

Suggested Arrows

The arrows that come in the Traditional Kit Package are perfect for this bow, but you'll probably want to have more than 3 so these arrows are also suitable for the Marthin Panther Takedown Recurve Bow

Pros & Cons

  • Powerful
  • Vibration & noise dampening technology
  • Great for Beginners
  • Great for both Target Archery & Hunting
  • Takedown Limbs
  • Looks awesome
  • My wife's personal choice
  • Pricier than most other beginner bows

Closing Shot

The Martin Panther Takedown recurve bow looks fantastic and is powerful enough for hunting with excellent vibration and noise dampening technology. The bow is made from high quality, durable materials and is my wife’s personal choice of recurve!

The comfortable grip and smooth draw back makes it easy for beginners, but is powerful and accurate enough to satisfy expert archers.

Whilst the Martin Panther is slightly more expensive than some of our other recommended beginner recurve bows, the bang for your buck makes it well worth the investment.

Available Colors

  • Black
  • Vista Camo