Bowtech Carbon Knight Compound Bow Review

Bowtech Carbon Knight Compound Bow Specifications

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335 FPS


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The Bowtech Carbon Knight caused a stir when it was released in 2013. The extremely lightweight (only 3.2 lbs!!) bow has a whopping IBO speed of 335 fps making it a powerful hunting bow.

The bow offers a smooth draw using a binary cam design which was designed for symmetry, synchronization and simplicity.

Materials & Design

Bowtech’s Carbon Knight compound bow only weighs in at 3.2 lbs thanks to the reflex Carbon Knight riser which, funnily enough, is made from Carbon Fiber. In comparison to aluminum risers, the carbon versions offer great flexibility to smaller shooters as once the accessories are added the bow can be quite weighty for some.

Due to the additional cost associated with a carbon fiber riser, this is a bow that is probably on everyone’s wish list, but most would spend the money on upgrading standard gear or buying accessories.

To strong and experienced shooters the 0.5 lbs weight reduction may not be a huge selling factor, and some people have reported that the standard string provided with the bow has frayed relatively quickly.

Cam Information

The Bowtech Carbon Knight compound bow uses a “conventional” binary cam design which is also adopted by the Carbon Rose. The binary cam design allows for a perfectly synchronized bow with little maintenance.

The system also allows for adjustment of the draw length setting without the need for new cam modules, and is adjustable in ½” increments (refer to the table below for mode positions).

In order to change the draw length, you use a 7/64 hex wrench to remove the module screws that attach the modules to the cams. Using the module index number on the cam and the numbers on the module, move the module to the relevant number (using the table below).

Replace both the module screws on each cam and retighten. After adjusting the draw length you will need to adjust the stop post by loosen the draw stop post screw and slide the post to the appropriate position (refer to the table below) and retighten the screw.

Mode Position 2013 Design 2014 Design
Draw Length Post Setting Draw Length Post Setting
1 30.5 1 30.5 1
1.5 30 2
2 29.5 3 30 2
2.5 29 4
3 28.5 5 29.5 3
3.5 28 6
4 27.5 7 29 4
4.5 27 8
5 26.5 9 28.5 5
6 28 6
7 27.5 7
8 27 8
9 26.5 9

The 60 lbs default draw weight of the bow can be adjusted up or down by 10 lbs, using a hex wrench to tighten or loosen the limb bolts to increase or decrease draw weight. For the Carbon Knight, 1 turn equals 1 lbs.

Suitability for Bow Hunting

Are you planning to use this bow for hunting? Well let’s take a look at the speed and hunting capabilities of the Bowtech Carbon Knight.

The Bowtech Carbon Knight has a huge IBO speed of 335 fps, remembering this is an estimate only at the exact point of release, and will be impacted by external factors. For details of how we calculate Kinetic Energy at TheModernArcher, refer to our detailed Compound Bow Guide.

Assuming we use the standard IBO settings (70 lbs draw weight, 30” draw length, 350 grain arrow), an arrow shot from the Bowtech Carbon Knight will possess approximately 78.7 ft-lbs of Kinetic Energy.

Based on the KE Hunting Charts, this bow is suitable for even the Toughest Game (i.e. cape buffalo, grizzly, musk ox).

Ready to Shoot Package

The Bowtech Carbon Knight comes in an amazing Ready to Shoot Package which includes:

  • R.A.K (Ready Aim Kill) 4 Pin Fiber optic sight
  • Octane Capture Arrow Rest
  • Octane Deadlock Lite 5 arrow Quiver
  • Peep Sight
  • BCY String Loop
  • Octane 5” Ultra Lite Stabilizer & Sling
  • Dura-Flx String Dampening Components

The package offers an amazing opportunity to grab your new bow and start hunting straight away (don’t forget you will need some arrows as well!). As we mentioned earlier, some shooters aren’t a fan of the standard Dacron bowstring, so it may be worthwhile keeping a spare Fast Flight string in your bow case (or replacing it from the get-go).

Suggested Arrows

Refer to our draw weight table when designing custom arrows for your bow, otherwise these arrows will be suitable for the Bowtech Carbon Knight.

Pros & Cons

  • Only weights 3.2lbs
  • Powerful
  • Suitable for Hunting
  • Excellent grip design
  • Not the stealthiest bow on the market
  • Short bow length (not a con for hunters)
  • Stock string is somewhat basic
  • Tuning reference numbers may vary depending on the year of make

Closing Shot

The Bowtech Carbon Knight may be one of the lightest compound bows on the market, but still easily ranks as a superior hunting machine.

The bow doesn’t meet our affordable under $400 price bracket, but the carbon technology is known to be a little more expensive. If you are a beginner, the money would be better spent on a cheaper aluminum bow with upgraded specifications or accessories.

However if you’re an experienced bow hunter, you’ll know what you like and if the reduced weight is worth the extra budget for your hunting style.

Available Colors

  • Black Ops
  • Mossy Oak Infinity