The Best Compound Bows for Women

In its first nationwide archery survey, the Archery Trade Association (ATA) showed that, of 235 million total Americans aged 18 and older, 18.9 million participated in target archery or bowhunting.

Of these 18.9 million archers, 31% of the participants were women.

Now, that makes nearly 6 million women who are interested and participating in archery and bowhunting in the United States, so we thought we’d give you the DL on bows for women, because, unfortunately, many women–especially women of a smaller stature–are forced to use bows that are made for children or beginners, and aren’t powerful or accurate enough to hunt with.

Shouldn’t women be entitled to use some of the best compound bows in the market?

We say absolutely!

How To Find The Best Compound Bows For Women

Every compound bow is designed to match an archer’s specific measurements in order to work properly.  This means that the draw length of the compound bow must match the archer with the same draw length measurements, and the draw weight needs to be something that the archer can pull comfortably and repeatedly

Head on over to our compound bow guide if you’re interested in learning more about your draw length or draw weight.

A side note: It’s important to remember that your draw length may be limited if you are going to hunt in cold conditions while wearing multiple heavy layers of clothing.

Fortunately, there are more options for women than ever before, and women are finally being validated as equally important hunters, archers, and buyers as men; and they don’t have to deal with stripped down versions of bows marketed to men any more.

Good compound bows now feature adjustable draw weights and lengths.

This is important, because the archer has the choice to tune their bow to the specifications that suit them, and they may increase their draw weight as they gain more experience and/or strength.

To recap; we want a bow that is highly adjustable, fully featured, looks great, and is excellent value for money.

So let’s dive in!

Our Top Picks for Women

Bow Name

Draw Weights

Draw Lengths

Price Range


Quest Radical

15 - 70lbs

17.5 - 30"


Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

5 - 70lbs

13 - 31"


PSE Fever

29 - 60lbs

11 - 29"


Bear Cruzer

5 - 70lbs

12 - 30"



25 - 55lbs

20 - 29"

Entry Level

Quest Radical

Quest Radical Compound Bow

This purple beauty features an adjustable 17.5-30 Inch Draw Length and its Draw Weight can be adjusted from 15-70lbs.  The bow has an axle to axle length of 29 1/4” and in its package, you’ll find a suppressor, a quiver, an arrow rest, a stabilizer, a sling, a string peep and a 4 pin sight all for an excellent price.

This bow also has a readily adjustable cam system—so no bow press required!

Out of 8 customer reviews on Amazon, this bow enjoys a 4.4/5 star rating.

Kristin said: “Shoots great,” and Lisa Moore quipped, “Love this bow, it’s so light weight!  If it wasn’t purple, my husband would steal it from me!”

“Daniel” said, “Great bow but…less than a month after my purchase, my bow needed new cables and a new string.”

Judging by the other positive reviews of this bow, we’re hoping Daniel’s experience was just an unlucky event so we’ll give this bow a solid 4/5 stars.

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Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Pink Compound BowNext up is the Infinite Edge Pro by Diamond Archery:

This Right Handed (also comes in Left) Pink Blaze colored Compound Bow boasts a 4.6/5 star rating on with 65 customer reviews, and our own review of this bow was also glowing with praise.

This bow works well for the taller woman and those with a longer draw, as it has an extended draw length.

It has a solid back wall, infinite draw settings, and is listed as a multi-shooter bow meaning that practically anyone can use this bow.

This Pro Bow Package also comes with a sight, an arrow rest, a quiver, a tube peep sight, BCY string loop, wrist sling, and 5” ultra-lite octane stabilizer for a bargain price.

Because this bow is so popular, it’s stocked by a lot of merchants on Amazon who are constantly outdoing each other with discounts.

Some of the top customer reviews said things like, “Easy to maintain and adjust, high quality, and very well made.”  –Q.W. Lott

Another 5 star reviewer said: “Awesome bow.  Smooth.  Quiet.  Accurate.  Easy to customize.  Buy this, don’t waste your money on bows that offer less flexibility.” –Angry Bald Guy

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PSE Fever

PSE Fever Compound BowThis Purple Rain colored compound bow is nice because it is very adjustable for women of all sizes and strengths, with a Draw Length range of 11”-29”, Draw Weights between 29-60lbs, and the ability to shoot at over 300 FPS!

The bow weighs 3.6lbs and its brace height is a short 6 3/8” to give it a bit of extra power.

Axle to axle length is 32” and the bow has a 70% let off.

The Ready To Shoot Package includes: a Gemini sight, Whisker Biscuit rest, Shadow Quiver, Peep wheel and Nock set.

Both reviewers on Amazon; Jonathan Piller and Bowhunter2 were please to say, “My wife loves it!”

This bow gets a 4/5 from us as it’s not quite as adjustable as some of the others, but we like it due to it’s elegant style and attractive price.

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Bear Cruzer

Bear Cruzer Compound BowNow lets talk about the Cruzer Compound Bow by Bear Archery:

This aluminum beauty has a 12” to 30” Draw Length in ½” increments with an advanced grip design that eliminates hand torque for enhanced accuracy.

The ad for this bow boasts Max-Preload Quad Limbs for proven power, and astonishingly, this bow can be adjusted all the way from 5 to 70lbs! 

This is a bow for the woman who do not want to be seen in the woods or on the range with a pink or purple  bow—this bow is made to fit any archer out there.

This bow seems to be the whole package—it functions as a “grow as you go” bow for beginners or kids, it can be adjusted to fit any archer, and according to the reviews, is very sturdy and accurate and is selling for under $400!

KyleMoore said, “I bought this bow for my 14 year old daughter for Christmas.  I have to say it’s the perfect setup.  It is easily adjustable and will grow as her strength grows.”

Cody Valenta, in a 5 star review titled, “Absolutely love this bow,” said, “I have had this bow for over a year now and I absolutely love it.  It is extremely accurate…I win every time with this bow.”

Finally, R. Quinn who bought this bow for his wife said, “Very easy to adjust and has a huge range…she was hitting bullseyes at 20 yards the first day.  Great package!”

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This bow deserves its 5/5 in our book. We hold a soft spot for the bows made by Bear (there’s just something magical about them), so if you’re in the mood to spend a little bit more, you may want to also check out the Bear Archery Finesse.


SAS Rex Quad Limb Compound BowLast on our list of the best compound bows for women is the Rex Quad Limb Compound Bow by SAS:

“The Rex Quad Limb Compound Bow was made with the shooters in mind!” This bow’s Amazon ad declares.  It has a draw length of 20-29” and a draw weight of 25-55lbs with a let off of 65%.

This 4lb compound bow comes in black or camo, and is 28” from axle to axle, with a max speed of 235 FPS.  Its package includes a 3 pin bow sight, Twister Arrow Rest, Peep Sight, Quiver and Arrows for an absolute bargain price.

“Kris” said, “[It] doesn’t faze me to say this is an awesome bow.  The color blue looked amazing.”

This bow isn’t the fastest, the lightest, the most adjustable, or the prettiest, but it represents a great deal for beginners. At a little over half the cost of some of the prior models, this beauty is a great way to get a cheap and effective start in the sport.

We’ll give this bow a solid 4/5, as it does what is says it will do, and does it on the cheap.

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So there we have it. Some great and affordable bow options which are exceptionally well suited to female archers.

Keep in mind that there’s nothing stopping you from buying any bow on the market as they’re all useable by women, but our picks are based on size, adjustability, and appearance!