Bear Authority Compound Bow Review

Bear Authority Compound Bow Specifications

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Draw Length

Brace Height

Draw Weight

Bow Length

Bow Weight

IBO Speed



6 3/4"




315 FPS


Our Overall Rating


The Bear Authority was released in 2014 and has shaped up to be another very reliable Bear compound bow.

The Authority hunting compound bow is suitable for beginner levels through to professional archers and budget conscious shooters can rest easy with this amazing single cam, quad limb compound bow.

The Bear Authority differs from the Bear Attitude for the following reasons:

  • Slightly different draw length – 24.5-31.5” versus 25-32”
  • Shorter brace height – 6 ¾” versus 7 ¼”
  • Slightly faster – 315 fps versus 310 fps
  • Slightly heavier – 4 lbs versus 3.7 lbs

Materials & Design

The relatively lightweight (4 lbs) machined straight aluminum riser has a twin pad removable rubber grip specifically designed to manage hand torque for accuracy and comfort. The grips can be customized to suit whether you’re wearing gloves, have a weak grip, strong grip, or just want a different color.

The brace height is 6 3/4” and the compound bow comes with Bear’s custom flared quad limbs for power and consistency. 
Bear’s Authority also comes with a single string suppressor, driven by the cam system to reduce string noise and vibration.

The bowstring is made using Bear’s own proprietary engineering process, blending BCY 8125 and BCY 452X fibers for a high quality HMPE string that eliminates stretch and peep sight rotation. The standard bow comes fully assembled with the riser, limbs, cams, cables, string and string suppressor.

Cam Information

The Authority uses Bear’s EZ3 single cam design which makes it easy to maintain and is quiet yet powerful. The cam is smooth drawing and has a rotating module system for adjustment, allowing the bow’s draw length position to be modified without a bow press in ½” increments.

Draw length changes are made by fully removing the socket head cap screws that secure the rotating module unit. Once the cap screws are removed the module can be rotated until the draw length module is lined up with the tick mark on the cam. Once the ticks are aligned you simply reinstall the screws.

Remember when modifying the draw length you will also need to move the draw stop to the corresponding setting marked on the cam (located on the bottom section of the cam). This easy to use system is great for shooters who want to maintain and adjust their own equipment.

Modifying the draw length will not automatically impact the peak draw weight; however the Bear Archery compound bow has an approximate 10 pound peak weight adjustment range (60lbs +/- 10lbs). The peak weight is adjustable by rotating the limb bolts using a hex wrench. For the Bear Authority, it is clockwise to increase the peak weight and counter-clockwise to decrease the peak weight. The maximum allowable turns for the Bear Authority is 4.

Suitability for Bow Hunting

Are you planning to use this bow for hunting? Well let’s take a look at the speed and hunting capabilities of the Bear Authority.

The Bear Authority promotes an IBO speed of 315 fps, remembering this is an estimate only at the exact point of release, and will be impacted by external factors. For details of how we calculate Kinetic Energy at TheModernArcher, refer to our detailed Compound Bow Guide.

Assuming we use the standard IBO settings (70 lbs draw weight, 30” draw length, 350 grain arrow), an arrow shot from the Bear Authority will possess approximately 69.6 ft-lbs of Kinetic Energy.

Based on the KE Hunting Charts, this bow is suitable for even the Toughest Game (i.e. cape buffalo, grizzly, musk ox).

Ready to Shoot Package

The Bear Authority comes in an excellent Ready to Shoot Package which includes:

  • Trophy Ridge 5 Pin Fiber optic sight
  • Trophy Ridge Whisker biscuit arrow rest
  • Trophy Ridge Bow Quiver
  • String Peep sight
  • Nock loop
  • Trophy Ridge Stabilizer & Sling

The package offers an amazing opportunity to grab your new bow and start hunting straight away (don’t forget you will need some arrows as well!). The quality of the accessories are great, and whilst they won’t be the top of the line, they are reliable and will do any job you need them to.

Suggested Arrows

Refer to our draw weight table when designing custom arrows for your bow, otherwise these arrows will be suitable for the Bear Authority.

Pros & Cons

  • Value for Money
  • Quality materials
  • Great for Intermediate Shooters
  • Powerful
  • Great RTS package
  • Higher minimum draw weights may limit use by some youths and small frame women
  • Short bow length (not a con for hunters)
  • Lower than average brace height

Closing Shot

The Bear Authority compound bow is a powerful and well-made hunting bow, yet extremely affordable. It lives up to the quality we expect from a Bear product with it’s easy to use, smooth drawing adjustable single cam.

The bow is reasonably light but has a short axle to axle length which is great for hunters, but not favored by some target shooters.

Overall a great bow for under $500 with a fantastic Ready-to-Shoot package.

In comparison to the Bear Attitude, the Authority is slightly faster, marginally heavier and has a shorter brace height.

Available Colors

  • RealTree camo with black limbs